DISC Assessment

Personal Development Institute offers DISC for organizations and individuals alike. DISC for individuals is available for different ages Children, Teens, Young Adults and Adults as well. The principles of DISC are simple, easily applicable and understandable.

PDI offers coaching to better understand the reports which can be used for personal development, to better understand yourself, your core motivations, and why you do things the way you do them.

Do you want to gain better understanding of your team?

DISC provides a unique perspective on where each person serves best in a team. The clarity of individual core values and motivators will enhance the overall team performance and delivery to attain company goals.

With DISC you are assured of increased self-awareness. The report provides an accurate analysis on unique communication styles which gives each person an understanding of their communication and how to enhance that in organizations and relationally.

This translates to better conflict resolution, team building, and increasing communication in personal or corporate culture. Across the board, DISC styles and tools can be applied in numerous settings – training, hiring, leadership, education, ministry, family and at the individual level – to accomplish specific goals.

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Benefits Of DISC

  • Improving communication in both personal and corporate environments
  • Accuracy in hiring the right people for the job
  • Best-fit placements for careers and internship positions
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Building strong teams
  • Increased productivity and improved organizational culture

Don't know your DISC style? We are here to help!


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  • DISC Children (9-13years) - $110
  • DISC Teens (14-19years) - $145
  • DISC Young Adults (20-29years) - $215
  • DISC Adults (30years and above) - $400