About PDI

Our Journey

Personal Development Institute (PDI) opened its doors on the 7th of April 2010. We have since trained over 50,000 people directly through corporate training, community based training and our in-house classes.

Through various media outlets such as TV, Radio, and Social Media, we have been invited to provide content on the subject of transformation, personal development, leadership, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and behavioral assessments tools thus helping millions of viewers, listeners and students to embrace a CHANGE IN THINKING which ultimately leads to transformed individuals, families, organizations, and nations. The before and after the impact of PDI is tangible.


We provide behavioral assessments, training, coaching, and mentorship to individuals and organizations to unlock human capital. At the core of every organization is the individual.

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred Personal Development Institute in Africa, transforming individuals and organizations through behavioral assessment, mind shift training, and coaching.

Our Clientele

Speaking Engagements & Featured On

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