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My coaching services give you the tools, support and insight to make lasting changes to your mindset and approach to work. I offer a range of coaching programmes that adapt my success pillars to suit your individual concerns, no matter whether you’re working in corporate, looking to change jobs, at the start of an entrepreneurial journey or in need of a fresh perspective on your career future. There’s something here for you.

Corporate Training

Since it’s inception PDI has been involved in Corporate training as one of it’s key pillars in order to accomplish the company mission and vision of transforming individuals and Teams. We have offered specific tailor-made training packages as well as the ones below to meet our vast client’s needs:


Human emotions are real and they impact the productivity, performance and profitability of individuals and TEAMS.

Emotions is not a word you hear in meetings or see printed in agendas but the reality is that people are rational and emotional beings both at work and outside the work environment- what they think and feel has an impact on the bottom line. Research has proven that emotional intelligence accounts for 80% of an individual’s and TEAM’s success.

Emotions at the workplace have a bearing on leadership, customer service (internal and external), sales and brand equity. We help individuals and TEAMS raise their emotional intelligence quotient because of the direct correlation with performance. Happy people are more productive.


It is possible to predict corporate outcomes through behavioral assessments. TEAMS are made of up of “Theorists”, “Executors”, “Analyzers”, “Managers” and “Strategists”- this is not a function of education or experience, it’s a natural inclination derived from personalities/DNA (Distinct Natural Abilities). Through the assessments, individuals and TEAMS unlock the power of human behavior. Self-aware people perform better.


Do you desire to be a high performing team player in a high-performing team? 

Does smarter thinking, and personal 0r professional effectiveness appeal to you? 

How about dealing with constant change without accumulating stress? 

Are you confident in strategic thinking and the everyday decision making process? 

Through a coaching approach we help leaders to avoid the vague and generic leadership and personal development theories and we narrow to down to everyday practical HABITS through POWERFUL QUESTIONS to bring out the best leaders and to keep them on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing global business trends.


Customer service is an overrated term; think about a memorable connection that you have ever made with an individual or organization,

I am certain you can still remember it. There is a global shift through social media where people “follow” you or “connect” on LinkedIn or “chat” on Facebook or “tweet” – people basically want connections not just “customer service”.

It takes patience, attentiveness, clear communication skills, knowledge of products and services, positive language, execution with precision, the ability to “read” people, persuasion, and closing skills to develop memorable customer connections.

This will “Wow” the customer and create a calming presence in the relationships between people and organizations.


According to
emerging research, Africa is the next frontier for global growth with Kenya being one of the main countries set to help the continent.

At PDI we believe that the power of strategic thinking can be used to place companies on the map, be they SMEs or big corporate companies.

One of the main opportunities that we know businesses should leverage is the online space! Through rigorous coaching sessions, we sit with the management and senior company staff to create strategies that will propel them toward business growth despite the changing or sometimes harsh business environment that they operate in.

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Executive Coaching

Fed up with treading water and ready to become unstoppable? Revolutionise your mindset, rewrite your strategy and conquer imposter syndrome once and for all with my powerful and intensive Elevate course which equips you with the tools, techniques and personal coaching support to help you make lasting, positive progress. With a focus on clarity, fulfilment and defining and achieving success, you can unlock your inner leader and get behind the driving seat in every area of your life.

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