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Helping people to discover their purpose and develop their God given potential through Clarity and Package it for impact, influence and income.

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What an exciting time to write this book!

The purpose of this book is to help you unlock your secret brilliance. Every human being has exceptional intelligence. All the principles shared in this book are purposed to help you, to fully unlock your brilliance. We call it “secret brilliance” because many people are not aware that they possess this God given light in them.

Those who are aware but not living it out fully need to also arise and maximize their brilliance for the benefit of humanity. We (human beings) are exceptional, vivacious, breathtaking, magnificent, strong and divine creatures endowed with amazing brilliance, and amazing resources such as the human brain (the organ with executive functions) that houses the powerful human mind. 

Dayalbagh Educational Institute teaches that the mind’s manifestations of thought, perception, emotion, determination, memory, and imagination is out of this world!

The Kingdom Connect Children.

Teaching Children age 6 – 12 the key life skills to help them balance between academic education and real life education. We teach children emotional smarts, social Smarts, financial Smarts, spiritual Smarts, Digital Smarts, Leadership Smarts among many other skills.

Our Coaching Programs?


Transformed & Renewed Minds program

Provision for your purpose – Learn practical and transformative steps towards increasing your finances in the pursuit of your purpose

“If the enemy cannot keep you from pursuing your life purpose, he will try and use economic terrorism to slow you down or to stop you in your purpose journey” – Dr. John Stanko


The Kingdom Connect

The Kingdom Connect (TKC) is a marketplace platform for Kingdom-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. We offer structured 52 weeks of quality Kingdom Education. We are currently represented in 18 countries, 4 continents and over 25 counties in Kenya.


Secret Brilliance

Invest in your excellence – Living a purposeful Life.

A decade of Discovery, Decade of preparation, Decade of growth, Decade of Productivity, and Decade of meaning 

How I can help You & Your Brand

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Corporate Trainings & Team Building

Helping organizations develop and enhance their communication, climate, and culture through personal development, communication enhancement, and team building.

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Business Development Consulting

Our unique innovative approach to identify and examine the level your business is enable you achieve your goals is our differenciating factor.

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Private & Group Coaching

Gain an advantage against your competitors by daring to think and take systematic actions in your business.

Strive to increase your intimacy with God, achieve Financial Freedom and impact the community.

Coach Irene Mureithi

About me

I’m a Corporate Trainer and Certified Life Coach

I’m the Founder & CEO of  Personal Development Institute (P.D.I). As a corporate trainer & Life Coach for over 10 years, I’ve witnessed how every story can shift mindsets, break social strongholds, create generational change, and help you evolve into the leader you were meant to be.

I am a generational educator and publisher helping professional and aspiring authors become subject-matter storytellers, and teaching them how to package, market, and monetize their stories to impact and transform the world.

As a former banker and coach of 12 years, I leveraged my professional credentials, shared my story and built a seven figure business in the online space.

Today, I’ve made it my mission to help people just like you change the world one story at a time.


I think it’s time you shared yours.

Client's Love

Gen 1:26-28 speaks volume to me , that God created male and female and empowered them and commanded them be fruitful and released a Dominion mandate to us, but often times many have lived like a shadow of themselves and instead of maximizing that God given power and potential within us. We have for many years marketed the visions of others, branded others and failed to brand and monetise that which is within us..

Join us in TKC (The Kingdom connect) a community of kingdom minded professionals and entrepreneurs as we take a 52 weeks journey of learning, unlearning and relearning for impact and income using kingdom proven principles of God

Under the leadership of Coach Irene Mureithi and others that are making massive impact and massive income and sharing with those willing to unlock their God given potential and impact their families and leave a generation and a legacy that displays the glory of the kingdom of God and not shame and reproach..

The registration is open until the 30th of June, what we are learning is precious and priceless. Invest in yourself 2022. DM for more and let's be fruitful and yes we can do more!
Monica Gichuiri Joseph
TKC Member
Have you felt out of place when Pastor says you need to be a marketplace Christian? Do you wonder if you should preach in the market or what? I have been there. I had a desire to be a marketplace believer but didn't know how?
I tried practicing that but I didn't know if I was doing it the right way. With the challenges in the market place, it even becomes hard. But one thing with me is that I love seeking knowledge. I am never settled. My dad has joked that he has never seen without a book and a pen😀😀😀. He says even now and then I'm registering for new courses. So with my hunger for knowledge, I came across a post on Facebook from one of the people I follow Pastor Judy Karanja sharing on finance. She goes on to mention pages and people she follows to learn from on financial matters and investment.
I make a step and click on the pages she has shared. There and then I get myself to CoaIrene Mureithithi wall. I just loved what she was postings. What amazed me more is how vocal she was about her faith. I am like I thought I came to learn about finance but here I am learning about the kingdom. I got stuck on her wall. I loved her posts and Sunday evening lives sessions. I learned a lot from her. I will continue in the next post. For now, I am inviting you to be part of the inner circle of the coach. You get direct lessons from her, people she has impacted and wonderful professionals she invites to the group.
I am waiting for you in the inner circle.
Princess Khayali Bumbe
TKC Member

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