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Cutting edge training across the board from executives to business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs our programs are bucked up with a million worth of testimonials.

Transformed & Renewed Minds (TRM) Course

Transformed & Renewed Minds (TRM) is the flagship course at PDI for the last 12 years. The Secret Brilliance 12-week coaching program is similar to the TRM Program but specially tailored for Form 4 & 11/12 Grade Graduates. Weeks 12 & 13 are not included in Secret Brilliance. 

Key Benefits:

  1. You shall clarify your purpose and learn how to package it for
    increased impact, influence, and income in the marketplace.
  2. Since the program is based on the Wheel of Life and you shall live life from a balanced approach.
  3. We facilitate how you shall write and document a life strategic plan that clearly outlines your goals and desires for some years to come.
  4. You shall become a resourceful person who knows where you fit in society today and goes out boldly as a changemaker. Program Schedule:


Personal Development Institute has since 7th April 2010 when it conducted its first class helped many people unlock their Secret Brilliance.Brilliance is defined as exceptional talent or intelligence.

There are several types of intelligence that we all need to grow in. Formal education doesn’t do justice in teaching the various types of intelligence and therefore a child is condemned to “failure” just because they are intelligent differently.

Most people go through life without exploiting their exceptional intelligence simply because they are not aware that they possess it. The education system approach of “one size fits all” curriculum and examinations since the early stages of learning hinders SELF AWARENESS.


Can thinking be taught?
At PDI we believe thinking can be taught just like any other skill such as driving, swimming, and cooking.

This course is designed to help people improve their thinking skills for as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. To do well in life and in business one must first learn how to think well.

We use carefully selected books and share business and life experiences to enhance the course content.

We teach the 11 thinking skills which are easy to learn and apply in real life.

Key benefits

  1. To gain the insight into Big-Picture Thinking
  2. Give free rein to focused thinking
  3. Realize the joy of creative thinking
  4. Grasp the importance of realistic thinking
  5. Benefit from the power of strategic thinking

Unlock the Power of your life purpose

What is your life’s purpose? 

Everyone and everything that exists in life has a purpose. Nature andtheanimal kingdom effortlessly flow to fulfill their purpose but this has proven to be an uphill task for human beings to do because many don’t understand their divine purpose for living. 

The demands of life cause many people to settle for jobs and business inan attempt to put food on the table and pay bills even when not operating in their divine purpose. 

We have designed a 4 week group class to help you clarify your Life’s purpose. This class also includes the Full DISC Assessments (DISC, TEAMS& VALUES) + Spiritual Gifts Assessments which is facilitated as a One to One Coaching for 4 sessions. 

Those that have gone through the course attest to the joy of finding their purpose and living it out.

We have countless testimonies from PDI alumni who are impacting the society in new and enhanced ways since they clarified their life’s purpose. It is simply amazing!

Our Client's Feedback about our program

Dr. Ruth Kahumbi says, “I undertook the TSC course after many ears of teaching in the university and after having earned my doctorate. I found the course very helpful and it unlocked a passion that I did not know could be a Coach. I am now an internationally certified career coach, thanks to PDI.”

“I was stuck and stressed about a 15 million shilling debt. The course helped me through the various thinking skills to find an alternative and was able to transfer the debt from one bank to another financial institution where the interest rate was much lower thus unlocking my life from the grip of worries and freeing my mind to think more creatively.” PDI Alumni.

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