I joined the TRM course in September 2010 in the 2nd cohort. I was transformed because of the lessons and mentorship I received, I was able to clarify my purpose which is to add value to people’s lives and be a pillar of hope for my generation through my gifts and skills to the honor and glory of God.

I was able to write my strategic plan and 101 goals and I must say by God's grace I have seen my goals become a reality over the years. I was able to write two books "The Victor in every Victim" and "The Journey of a Victor" that have done quite well in the market.

I am also currently an entrepreneur running three enterprises. I am the founder and team leader of Victors in Purpose Network (VIP), a consultancy on leadership and personal development, a developer and investor in Hemashal Homes Investments Real Estate, and lastly the owner of The Men's room Executive barbershop, a grooming business. TRM is a worthy course and there is a sure Return on Investment (ROI).

I stumbled upon PDI by God's grace in 2011 after reading a testimonial of a former college mate who had gone through the course and reaped immense benefits. I had been in a software development job for 2 years at the time, desperately feeling that there had to be more to life.

I began asking questions of what my purpose and vision were - and it was evident from listening to Irene Mureithi on the radio that she was in her purpose and many of the alumni had successfully answered the questions I was eager to answer. There was a consideration to register for a master's program early in 2012 but I chose the TRM and TSC classes.

My decision to sign up for TRM and TSC classes concurrently was to clarify the direction of my life instead of accumulating papers for career advancement. In addition to that, I had broken up from a 6-year relationship that I had hoped would lead to marriage. The PDI classes were a time of learning life's principles based on godly values that impacted my emotional well-being, spiritual life, finances, career, and relationship choices.

Since 2013, I have worked with Coach Irene in different capacities being supported to build my speaking, writing, training, and mentorship programs while serving PDI virtually. 

In 2020, I took an online course offered by Coach Betty and Coach Irene that has transformed my life and that of my family. It is the Mindset and Money Makeover (MMM) which as the name suggests 'preconceived (faulty) beliefs picked all through your life about money and deeply ingrained in your mindset are challenged. 

Based on what I learnt, unlearnt and relearnt through the MMM course, I was able to begin offering online programs for teenagers Be the Best You, and one for ladies Rising Esther's.

One of the goals I wrote down in 2012 was to write books. I actualized that goal and launched the books in July 2020. The first book The Freedom in Right Relationships is based on my journey from surviving to thriving in relationships. I share the mistakes I made and lessons learnt on the cycles of brokenness in families so we can be agents of change instead of being part of the statistics. The second book Awakening Joy is a workbook with valuable information on topics like finding purpose, emotional well-being, healing, thriving relationships, and personal spiritual growth. 
I was in the pioneer class of the Secret Brilliance formerly called Life Boot Camp in the year 2011. I remember coming across phrases like unlocking your potential, discovering your purpose, emotional intelligence, spiritual growth, financial freedom, and physical well-being.

As I sat through the different modules and read through the different materials provided, I learnt that there was more to life than just acquiring certificates and getting a good job. I learnt the art of living a balanced, fulfilled, and happy life while making the best of every opportunity.

Later when I joined campus I was able to do more than just study. I had learnt to weave mats and carpets and sold a few. I took part in leadership positions where I contributed a lot to the institution's relationship between the students and the administration. I also pursued my love for modelling and earned extra income. I can confidently say that I am a better all-rounded person thanks to the Secret Brilliance program.

  It has been 11 years after the Life Boot Camp (Secret Brilliance) class and I am grateful that I enrolled. 
My purpose discovery at PDI terminated the struggle. For a long time, I had no peace. I felt like a prisoner suffering in Iron chains. I lived in utter darkness regarding why I exist (Psalm 107:10). And like many, I lost time in trial and error and self-belief hence frustration and pain set in. I blamed my frustrations on others, situations, and the environment. In the process I sunk into depression. Not just depression, but the emotion of it all. It elevated to the clinical stage and before I knew it, my skin started peeling off in November 2021 after countless lab tests they found no disease in my body. At this point, I felt there was more to life than having a well-paying job in an international organization, owning a home at 40, and having a loving and caring family.

God, by His grace, divinely connected me to Purpose Coach, Irene Mureithi. And in February 2022, I started a purpose discovery and clarity journey. Peace was my first experience in the journey of purpose. It was so overwhelming and clear that even if I had nothing to show for it, peace remained my heritage, a blessing that no dollar value can afford.  Then came clarity in the journey of purpose. I discovered the knowledge of the true God concerning my WHY (Ephesians 2:10). And my Intimacy continues to grow through the renewal of my mind (Romans 12:2). While the rest is a story for another day, the journey to live my purpose is on and I am grateful that the purpose discovery terminated my struggles. 
I undertook the TSC course after many years of teaching in the university and earning my doctorate. I found the course very helpful because it unlocked a passion in me that I would not have thought of and that is to be a coach but that's the beauty of this course.

I am now an internationally certified career coach thanks to the programs I took at PDI.
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